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ThinkResearch Podcast

Harvard Catalyst’s ThinkResearch podcast shares behind-the-scenes stories of research from Harvard investigators. Listen to the episodes below to learn more about our Translational Innovator awardees and their research.


Toxic Impacts

June 2, 2021 | Investigators awarded pilot funding for innovative research on the deleterious effects of environmental toxins on human health.

Five Questions with Paulo Lizano

March 23, 2021 | A neuropsychiatrist discusses his novel treatment for visual hallucinations using electrical stimulation. Paulo Lizano is a Sight & Science pilot funding awardee.

Five Questions with Gang Luo

January 21, 2021 | Our Sight & Science pilot funding awardee discusses his research using smartphone technology to assist the visually impaired.

New Phase in Microbiome Research

November 23, 2020 | Georg Gerber, our microbiome pilot funding awardee discusses his work interrogating the microbiome to find answers about disease.

Five Questions with David Friedman

November 12, 2020 |The medical director of clinical research at Massachusetts Eye and Ear discusses his innovative work to treat glaucoma and his recent pilot award from Harvard Catalyst.

Five Questions with Caroline Mitchell

September 29, 2020 | Our “Microbiome in Human Health and Disease” pilot funding awardee discusses her research in fertility.

Five Questions with Victor Neel

September 15, 2020 | Our”Microbiome in Human Health and Disease” pilot funding awardee discusses his innovative research in wound healing.

Five Questions with Kate Jeffrey

August 13, 2020 |Our Translational Innovator program pilot funding awardee discusses her research on immunology and work investigating the immune response to COVID-19 in colon tissues.

Eyes on the Prize

August 11, 2020 | Harvard Catalyst awards five pilot grants for vision-related research.

The Microbiome in Human Health and Disease

August 19, 2019 | Harvard Catalyst awards pilot funding for five projects that investigate the role of the microbiome in human disease.

Unexplored Frontiers

October 24, 2018 |Harvard Catalyst looks at the microbiome and its links to disease.

Catalyzing Research Innovation

January 10, 2018 | Pilot project awardees collaborate to improve health.

Big Ideas, Small Features

February 23, 2017 | Eight pilot grants awarded to support researchers with novel solutions to major clinical challenges.

Fostering New Discoveries

July 3, 2018 | Harvard Catalyst’s big data initiative facilitates unique collaborations for scientific discovery.