Pilot Grants

Harvard Catalyst offers funding opportunities through Translational Innovator and other programs.

Open Innovation

Translational Innovator examines processes by which innovative biomedical work is evaluated and funded and how teams form. Our aim is to work collaboratively with experts in labor markets, econometrics, management of innovation and like disciplines to improve our understanding of how our current practices impact the output of academic biomedical research initiatives and then to design and implement changes in practice to improve or redirect those outcomes.


Translational Innovator leverages partnerships and collaborations within and outside of Harvard University to evaluate – and ultimately, improve — the conduct of research. Our team actively studies the research process and conduct of science, including study participation and collaborative partnerships. Our activities focus on building models, tools, and new programs that demonstrate the potential to accelerate translation and application to patient communities and the public.

Where appropriate, we partner with foundations, industry, academia, and the CTSA consortium to develop innovative methods to evaluate research, compile best practices, and form new entrepreneurial endeavors.

Working in partnership with the research community, we are:

  • Developing innovative technologies and methodologies and assisting with their clinical implementation, while creating opportunities for cross-disciplinary investigators to enter collaborations and form teams.
  • Bridging the chasm between discovery of basic biomedical observations and their clinical applications through the provision of resources, mentoring, and expertise.
  • Reaching throughout and beyond Harvard to identify collaborators, tools, technologies, and funding to help support promising initiatives.


View publications that have resulted from our pilot funding opportunities in the following areas: