Resources and funding for trainees, researchers, and study teams

For clinical and translational (c/t) researchers to be successful, support is essential. Through biostatistical consulting, regulatory guidance, and comprehensive links to Harvard University’s myriad research facilities and resources, Harvard Catalyst’s faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting our c/t research community. We are especially supportive of students and early-career clinical investigators as we work to ensure their success and help build the next generation of c/t researchers.

From innovative open-source informatics tools to regulatory guidance, Harvard Catalyst’s resources cover the spectrum of translational research, from research discovery to broad application at the population level. All of our programs and initiatives are dedicated to promoting diversity in medicine and facilitating the translation of research findings to the community.

In the early stages of a project, guidance on study design, project management, grant writing programs and pilot funding provide foundational support for investigators and their teams. Our Translational Innovator program leverages partnerships and collaborations within and outside of Harvard to evaluate – and ultimately improve – the conduct of research. Our team actively studies the research process and conduct of science, including study participation and collaborative partnerships. Investigators are introduced to novel technologies and facilities, launching groundbreaking projects that advance biomedical research and have led to the creation of successful new companies.

Our pilot funding serves as seed funding for innovative projects across the spectrum of c/t research and has supported work spanning community engagement, child health, and health disparities, as well as targeted topics such as schizophrenia and the human microbiome.

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