Translational Navigation Teams:

Team of experts at BCH, BIDMC, BWH, and MGH to help with your research protocol.

Consultation and Resource Request:

Protocol development, including study design, recruitment, regulatory issues, data acquisition, safety monitoring, or inclusion of special populations.

Laboratory Services:

Preferential pricing on routine and specialty assays at participating sites.

The Connector program offers essential guidance and support at all phases of clinical research to clinical investigators across all of Harvard’s schools and affiliated hospitals to facilitate high-quality research, particularly for early-stage investigators. Our Translational Navigation Teams provide support from the point of idea and protocol development, through IRB review, to recruitment, data acquisition, and dissemination of results, including free consultations and fee-based services.

Connector also can link clinical investigators at Harvard with the NCATs Trial Innovation Network (TIN), which serves as a conduit for conducting multisite studies. We can help investigators develop a high-quality, multi-center study and assist in the proposal process to the TIN as well as provide Harvard investigators with an opportunity to become site investigators for an external study seeking collaborators through the TIN.


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Education and Training

Harvard Catalyst offers a wide array of educational opportunities through the Postgraduate Education in C/T Science and Regulatory Foundations, Ethics, and Law programs.

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