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Offering Description Duration Deadline
Bioinformatics Workshops Workshop series on how to manage and analyze sequencing data for gene expression analysis Duration: Varies Deadline: 9/9/2019 (Closed)
Understanding Biomarker Science An overview of translational biomarker research from discovery to application and commercialization Duration: 7 weeks Deadline: 6/11/2021 (Closed)
Applied Biostatistics Certificate: Methods & Applications Online course on the principles and methods of biostatistics Duration: 42 weeks Deadline: 8/18/2021 (Closed)
Biostatistics Training A 60-credit HSPH master of science program in applied biostatistics Duration: 60 credits Deadline: 12/31/2021
Boundary-Crossing Skills for Research Careers A webinar series providing practical tools for navigating scientific careers Duration: Ongoing Deadline: Ongoing
Career Catalyst A program that matches junior investigators with senior faculty who serve as developmental mentors Duration: 10 months Deadline: 7/8/2021 (Closed)
Fundamentals of Comparative Effectiveness Research: Data Sources & Methods Overview of CER methods Duration: 12 weeks Deadline: 3/5/2021 (Closed)
Community-Engaged Research Online course preparing researchers and community members to partner in health research Duration: 10 weeks Deadline: 10/1/2021
Clinical and Translational (C/T) Research Academy Advanced training program that offers a pathway to conducting independent research Duration: 2 years Deadline: 1/29/2021 (Closed)
How to Design a Clinical Study: Principles & Protocol Development Hybrid (on demand videos and live virtual sessions) course on the design & implementation of clinical trials Duration: 9 weeks Deadline: 3/5/2021 (Closed)
Effectively Communicating Research Intensive course designed to provide researchers with the skills necessary to express their science clearly to diverse audiences Duration: 2 days Deadline: 1/28/2020 (Closed)
Biostatistics Essentials: Video Subscription Series of short videos on topics in medical biostatistics Duration: varies Deadline: 12/31/2021
Fundamentals & Applications of Clinical and Translational Research Online course that offers an overview of clinical research and the T spectrum Duration: 18 weeks Deadline: 1/28/2022
NIH Funding: Navigating the R01 & K Grant Submission Process Online course for researchers applying for NIH grant funding Duration: 9 weeks Deadline: 9/22/2021 (Closed)
Funding Your Research: How to Obtain Foundation & Philanthropic Grants Online course for researchers applying for foundation and philanthropic grant funding Duration: 8 weeks Deadline: 9/1/2021 (Closed)
Non-NIH Government Agency Funding: Grant Submission Process Online course for researchers applying for non-NIH federal grant funding Duration: 5 weeks Deadline: 8/11/2021 (Closed)
Industry Funding: Application Process & Establishing Industry Relationships Online course for researchers applying for industry funding Duration: 12 weeks Deadline: 8/6/2021 (Closed)
Gene Co-expression and Gene Regulatory Networks Hands-on experience in the analysis of gene co-expression networks and gene regulatory networks Duration: 1 day Deadline: 2/24/2017 (Closed)
Techniques to Writing a Competitive Grant Online course for researchers seeking and applying for grant funding Duration: 10 weeks Deadline: 9/8/2021 (Closed)
Grant Review and Support Program (GRASP) A multi-year program for K grant awardees seeking independent research funding Duration: Five years or the duration of an individual's K grant Deadline: 8/20/2021 (Closed)
Introduction to Imaging for Researchers: Mechanisms & Methods Introductory online course for imaging technologies Duration: 12 weeks Deadline: 6/23/2021 (Closed)
Introduction to Implementation Research: Designing & Evaluating Interventions Designing and evaluating interventions to translate evidence into practice Duration: 8 weeks Deadline: 9/10/2021 (Closed)
Introduction to R Online Resource An online, hands-on training resource for learning the basics of R Duration: Varies Deadline: 12/30/2022
KL2/Catalyst Medical Research Investigator Training A two-year mentored research & education program for junior faculty and senior fellows Duration: 2 years Deadline: 4/30/2021 (Closed)
Leder Human Biology & Translational Medicine An enrichment program for PhD students on the fundamentals of human biology & disease Duration: 1.5 years (in Harvard PhD program) Deadline: 12/31/2021
Leadership Strategies for the Researcher Course focusing on best practices in leading and managing a team and navigating a career path in research Duration: 2 days Deadline: 3/24/2020 (Closed)
Understanding Medical Device and Diagnostic Development Processes and Contemporary Realities: Lessons Learned from COVID-19 A 5-part weekly webinar series on medical device and diagnostic innovation during the COVID-19 pandemic Duration: 5 weeks Deadline: 6/21/2021 (Closed)
Maximizing Mentee-Mentor Relationships: Empowering the Mentee Course helping emerging c/t investigators navigate the complexities of the mentoring dynamic from the mentee perspective Duration: 2 days Deadline: 2/27/2020 (Closed)
Using Metabolomics Data in Network Medicine Course focusing on metabolomics data and the analytical challenges this type of data presents Duration: 1 day Deadline: 9/10/2018 (Closed)
Introduction to Designing & Conducting Mixed Methods Research Online course introducing participants to mixed methods research in the health sciences Duration: 8 weeks Deadline: 12/15/2021
Models of Disease (MoD) Boot Camp Course for clinical fellows starting basic/translational postdoctoral research Duration: 3 weeks Deadline: 6/2/2021 (Closed)
Introduction to Network Medicine Course on network science in biology and medicine Duration: 3 days Deadline: 8/26/2019 (Closed)
Introduction to ‘Omics: Applying ‘Omics to Your Research Online course covering the scope, analysis, and challenges of omics research Duration: 25 weeks Deadline: 10/8/2021
Responsible Conduct of Omics Research Online course on responsible conduct in omics research Duration: 4 weeks Deadline: 9/27/2019 (Closed)
Project Management Strategies for the Researcher Webinar series on the principles of project management Duration: 4 days Deadline: 6/15/2021 (Closed)
Project Management Strategies for the Researcher: Risk Management Webinar series on managing successful risk management for projects Duration: 2 days Deadline: 12/7/2020 (Closed)
Project Management Strategies for the Researcher: Scheduling Webinar series on how to successfully schedule projects Duration: 2 days Deadline: 11/9/2020 (Closed)
Present Your Science: Dynamic Virtual Delivery A session discussing the how-to’s of a successful virtual presentation, from start to finish Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes Deadline: 4/23/2021 (Closed)
Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Course fulfilling NIH and NSF RCR requirements Duration: 7-8 weeks Deadline: 9/10/2021 (Closed)
TRANSforming Care with Emerging, Novel Devices (TRANSCEND) An online course that will explore the current climate for the development of class II and class III medical devices. Duration: 5 weeks Deadline: 5/21/2021 (Closed)