Platforms, tools, and services that support collaboration

Harvard Catalyst provides mechanisms and platforms to facilitate connections among thousands of researchers and trainees across the University, fostering new collaborations and nurturing innovation and groundbreaking discoveries. This model promotes faculty diversity as study team members collaborate across multiple institutions and networks. High-profile tools and programs are dedicated to fostering collaboration, including:

Harvard Catalyst Profiles: Each year, millions of visitors come to the Harvard Catalyst website to use Profiles, a platform for finding faculty at Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and the T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In searching by topic or faculty name, networks of connections are displayed to demonstrate geographic and topical proximity, along with publication lists and other relevant background.

Connector: Harvard University’s four largest teaching hospitals – Brigham & Women’s alHospit, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital – provide essential guidance and research collaboration opportunities supported by Harvard Catalyst through this program, which offers consultation and support at all phases of clinical research, from protocol development to dissemination of results.

Seminars & Symposia: Throughout the academic year, Harvard Catalyst hosts dynamic symposia, seminars, and workshops on interdisciplinary topics that draw researchers throughout the University as we promote incentives to collaborate. Past topics have included stress and health disparities, advanced imaging, clinical trial data, and eating disorders.

Translational Innovator: Crowdsourcing opportunities such as ideation challenges have sought solutions around cancer and big data, offering the research community innovative platforms and experimental processes to examine both the conduct of research and the potential applications for these solutions. Translational Innovator is the innovative arm of Harvard Catalyst, in partnership with researchers at Harvard Business School.

Clinical & Translational Mentor Database: Harvard medical students: Browse mentoring opportunities by searching innovative research projects at Harvard Medical School in more than 30 areas, including neurology, pediatrics, global health, and more (login required).

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Behind the Scenes Harvard Catalyst leads development of tools changing biomedical research.
Behind the Scenes Harvard Catalyst leads development of tools changing biomedical research.