Microbiome in Human Health and Disease

The objective of this RFA was to solicit proposals that will promote a greater understanding of the role(s) microbiomes play in the maintenance of normal human physiology and in the manifestation and treatment of human disease. For this opportunity, the microbiome encompassed viruses, bacteria, and fungi as they relate to human physiology and/or illness. There was no restriction on the area of human health to be investigated in the proposal. Applicants were encouraged to think broadly about the interactions between microbiomes and human physiology and ecology in formulating their proposals.

Five pilot grants were awarded in amounts up to $50,000 for each one-year project starting June 1, 2019

Sponsoring Program

Translational Innovator


Georg Gerber, MD PhD | Predicting C. difficile recurrence from the microbiome using interpretable machine learning models
Kate Jeffrey, PhD | Distinguishing immunomodulatory capacity of the enteric virome in healthy and diseased intestine
Caroline Mitchell, MD | Role of the reproductive tract microbiota in fertility
Victor Neel, MD | Characterization of the skin microbiome during acute wound healing following surgery
George Whitesides, PhD | Antibiotic susceptibility testing of clinically relevant bacteria using density-based live/dead separation