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Offering Description Duration Deadline
Boundary-Crossing Skills for Research Careers A webinar series providing practical tools for navigating scientific careers Duration: Ongoing Deadline: Ongoing
Introduction to R Online Resource An online, hands-on training resource for learning the basics of R Duration: Varies Deadline: 12/30/2022
Biostatistics Essentials: Video Subscription Series of short videos on topics in medical biostatistics Duration: varies Deadline: 12/31/2021
Leder Human Biology & Translational Medicine An enrichment program for PhD students on the fundamentals of human biology & disease Duration: 1.5 years (in Harvard PhD program) Deadline: 12/31/2021
Biostatistics Training A 60-credit HSPH master of science program in applied biostatistics Duration: 60 credits Deadline: 12/31/2021
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Writing and Communication Center

Clear and engaged communication propels research further and faster, and fosters professional growth.  Harvard Catalyst’s Writing and Communication Center is a comprehensive collection of tools, trainings, and resources that empower clinical/translational investigators in any stage of their careers to better articulate their science.



Harvard Catalyst Training Programs

Postgraduate Education
Online and in-person courses, as well as training programs ranging from short programs on c/t research to multi-year, advanced programs for senior fellows and faculty members.

C/T Research Academy
A two-year certificate program for meritorious candidates, with a focus on a didactic curriculum and a mentored research experience.

KL2/Catalyst Medical Researcher Investigator Training
Supports awardees in pursuing a mentored research project in their area of expertise and helps prepare them to apply for an independent NIH award.

Leder Human Biology & Translational Medicine program
A series of courses designed to enrich training in translational science with a focus on the fundamentals of human biology and disease.

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Grant Review and Support Program (GRASP)

A multi-year program for K grant awardees seeking independent research funding

Employ project management techniques to navigate the grant writing and application process.

Fundamentals & Applications of Clinical and Translational Research

A self-paced online course that offers an overview of the concepts of clinical and translational (c/t) research.

Learn how your research contributes to the c/t community.

Introduction to R Online Resource

An online, hands-on training resource for learning the basics of R

Review for basic R programming knowledge and information on utilizing R to increase efficiency in data analysis.

Career Catalyst

A program that matches junior investigators with senior faculty who serve as developmental mentors

Learn about the importance of establishing successful mentoring relationships that promote personal and professional satisfaction.

Biostatistics Essentials: Video Subscription

An online resource of videos that cover fundamental concepts of medical biostatistics.

Explore 20 biostatistical topics in short videos that can be watched and re-watched over the time of your subscription.

Introduction to Designing & Conducting Mixed Methods Research

An online course introducing participants to mixed methods research in the health sciences.

Learn how qualitative and quantitative data can be integrated to answer complex research questions.

Resources for transitioning in-person learning to online

The Harvard Catalyst Postgraduate Education staff has developed a series of resources to facilitate the process of moving in-person educational content into a remote, virtual format.

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