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Topics: Community Engagement, Health Policy, Public Health

System Catalysts: Finding Solutions to Tough Problems

New podcast focuses on successfully addressing persistent problems in today's world.

Let’s face it: We can’t fix the world alone. System Catalysts, a new podcast, is working to shine a light on those who have made it their mission to tackle the world’s toughest problems and make positive change.

System Catalysts highlights activists, philanthropists, and change makers who are bringing more inclusive and connective solutions to challenges faced by many of us. Each week, hosts Tulaine Montgomery, Jeff Walker, and English Sall interview catalysts who have collaborated with others to successfully tackle issues such as access to food and health services, racial injustice, and mental health with the goal of inspiring listeners to use a catalytic approach when addressing tough problems.

In the notable episode “Philanthropy: The Government’s Tugboat with Community Health Acceleration Partnership,” hosts delve into the topic of philanthropy with Wendy McWeeny, director of Community Health Acceleration Partnership (CHAP), and Tammy Snyder Murphy, First Lady of New Jersey. The episode focuses on how philanthropy can be the connective tissue between community and the government. Government policies and programs that address community needs is essential for change, but often governments don’t have enough funding or reach to make this a reality. McWeeny and Murphy share how CHAP is helping the New Jersey government achieve its goal of making the state the safest place to deliver a baby by working in partnership with people and organizations from the communities most impacted by poor maternal health outcomes.

System Catalysts podcast is produced by Hueman Group Media and hosted on Acast. You can listen to the first season on Apple Podcasts.

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