Universal Basic Income in the U.S. – Insights from Research and Practice
Experts speak on the evidence and practice for universal basic income as a social policy strategy for improving health and wellbeing. View recording of universal basic income.

Equitable Vaccine Distribution: Community Discussion of the National Academy of Medicine Framework
A community conversation on how we can ensure equity with COVID-19 vaccine in MA. View recording of equitable vaccine distribution.

Community Forum on Building the Public’s Trust in the COVID-19 Vaccine
A community discussion on how state guidelines for equitable vaccine distribution will be implemented locally to address vaccine hesitancy. View recording of community forum.

COVID-19 Research Community Forum Series 
Webinar series discussing COVID-19 research and health equity from Harvard Catalyst’s Community Engagement program, Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute, University of Massachusetts Center for Clinical and Translational Science, and Boston University Clinical & Translational Science Institute. View series here.

ThinkResearch Podcast Episodes:

Launched in 2019, our Community Engaged podcast series, produced in partnership with Harvard Catalyst’s ThinkResearch podcast, addresses topics ranging from LGBTQ health to homelessness.

Listen below:

Implementation Science and Community Impact

Community Engaged: Understanding WIC & Factors Driving Its Utilization in Massachusetts

Making an Impact on COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

Student Practice Placement Initiative

Homelessness and COVID-19

Machine Learning and Health Equity

How Laws Impact Health Disparities

Self Reporting and Data Collection in Trans Health Outcomes

Combating Bullying at School for LGBTQ Youth

Teach Them Young: Addressing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic Through After-School Programs