A New Database of Health Policy Resources 

Generating and translating research into evidence-based policies is an important approach to improve population health and address health disparities. However, finding policy-relevant data in one place remains a challenge and is often time consuming. To assist researchers, we built the Policy Atlas – a comprehensive database that allows you to more easily identify data sources that can be used for your policy-relevant research or to discover new sources for health data.

This tool, developed in collaboration with our Informatics team, is designed to facilitate policy research by making data accessible and easily searchable. Users can search through various health topics, policy-relevant data, case studies, and instructional materials and tools by type of data, including downloadable, mapping and visual, and text resources. With our Policy Atlas, you can explore more than 100 policy resources on topics ranging from health laws and bills, to health disparities, to social and environmental determinants of health.

Visit Policy Atlas.