Innovation & improvement in public health via community engagement & research. Population Health Research Program

Program Services

  • Community Capacity Building Seminar Series

    • The Population Health Research Program offers a series of skills- and content-based seminars and workshops on a range of topics driven by the interests and needs of our external partners.
  • Mixed Methods Research Training Program in the Health Sciences

    • A state-of-the-art methodology training program for scholars to enhance their mixed methods research skills through working with nationally recognized mixed methods mentors and consultants, participating in interactive webinars, and attending a summer retreat.

Program Highlights

  • Population Health Research and Evaluation
    Creates mutually beneficial institutional partnerships by coordinating policy and program evaluation, applied research, technical assistance, and capacity building. The program's partners include the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) and the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers.
  • T3/T4 Education, Training, and Mentorship
    Connects academic researchers with policy partners by offering training programs and consultation services in areas including mixed methods, implementation and dissemination science, policy, and community-based participatory research.
  • Integration of Behavioral Health in Primary Care
    Addresses behavioral health disparities by providing technical and evaluation assistance to clinical partners, helping them to evaluate and improve their efforts to address behavioral health in primary care settings.

The Population Health Research Program (PHRP), formerly the Community Health Innovation and Research Program, applies Harvard's strong measurement and research translation infrastructure and expertise to the improvement of population health and the reduction of health disparities in Massachusetts. Through the Department of Public Health and other state agencies, the Commonwealth commits many millions of its own dollars and millions of federal dollars – to policies and programs it funds, monitors, and regulates that have enormous impact on population health and health disparities. However, the state lacks the resources and capacity for evaluating these programs. By assisting state agencies in developing coordinated, systemic, and evidence-based policies and programs, applying science to their implementation, evaluating them, and adding to research and evaluation capacity in state government, PHRP in partnership with Harvard Catalyst's other programs add significant and sustainable value to the community's principal health improvement effort.

The strong institutional partnership between the Commonwealth, arguably the nation's foremost innovator in health and payment reform, and Harvard Catalyst as a leader in health research application and translation, enables both to integrate clinical and public health strategies and measure their effects on health outcomes and costs. This partnership also optimizes the interface between state government, operating at scale, and community-based institutions and organizations whose engagement in health improvement is critical.

The Population Health Research Program's Community Advisory Board plays a critical role in representing community perspectives to guide program activity.