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Offering Description Duration Deadline
Boundary-Crossing Skills for Research Careers A webinar series providing practical tools for navigating scientific careers Duration: Ongoing Deadline: Ongoing
Introduction to R Online Resource An online, hands-on training resource for learning the basics of R Duration: Varies Deadline: 12/30/2022
TRANSforming Care with Emerging, Novel Devices (TRANSCEND) An online course that will explore the current climate for the development of class II and class III medical devices. Duration: 5 weeks Deadline: 3/30/2022
Fundamentals & Applications of Clinical and Translational Research Online course that offers an overview of clinical research and the T spectrum Duration: 18 weeks Deadline: 1/28/2022
Biostatistics Essentials: Video Subscription Series of short videos on topics in medical biostatistics Duration: varies Deadline: 12/31/2021
Leder Human Biology & Translational Medicine An enrichment program for PhD students on the fundamentals of human biology & disease Duration: 1.5 years (in Harvard PhD program) Deadline: 12/31/2021
Biostatistics Training A 60-credit HSPH master of science program in applied biostatistics Duration: 60 credits Deadline: 12/31/2021
Introduction to Designing & Conducting Mixed Methods Research Online course introducing participants to mixed methods research in the health sciences Duration: 8 weeks Deadline: 12/15/2021
Introduction to ‘Omics: Applying ‘Omics to Your Research Online course covering the scope, analysis, and challenges of omics research Duration: 25 weeks Deadline: 10/8/2021 (Closed)
Community-Engaged Research Online course preparing researchers and community members to partner in health research Duration: 10 weeks Deadline: 10/6/2021 (Closed)
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