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Laboratory assay consulting, new assay development, and subsidized research tests. Lab Services
At a glance
Key Features
  • Preferential pricing for all investigators at participating sites
  • Advice on sample collection and processing
Useful for
  • Guidance on sample collection
  • Access to high-quality assays at low cost
  • Recommendations on resources for sample collection/processing
Available to
  • Harvard investigators at participating sites (see below)
(via Connector Protocol Review)

Laboratory Services

Harvard Catalyst Connector has negotiated a joint contract with a commercial lab to provide reasonably priced, high-quality laboratory services for Harvard investigators at participating sites. These services include the most commonly ordered routine testing and access to the full lab menu. Investigators can access the full menu of laboratory services via the Connector Protocol Review platform.

The following institutions have established relationships with the contact laboratory. If you have questions, please contact the Operations Navigator at the appropriate site:

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Michelle Beck, MBA (Email)
  • Boston Children's Hospital - Laura Minevitz (Email)
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital - Yemi Talabi-Oates (Email)
  • Forsyth Institute - Hatice Hasturk (Email)
  • Joslin Diabetes Center - Charlene Coneys (Email)
  • Massachusetts General Hospital - Lynelle Cortellini (Email)
  • McLean Hospital - Beth Farley (Email)

If you are a Harvard investigator and your site is not listed, please contact the Director of Connector Operations, Noelle Huntington, PhD (Email).

Sample Testing

The commercial laboratory offers centralized laboratory analysis of a wide array of routine analytes in real time. Results are generally available within 24 hours from sample pickup. Please note that tests that need to be billed to insurer can only be sent to the local hospital lab.

For questions regarding routine assays needed for research purposes, please contact the Operations Navigator at your site.

Specimen Collection and Sample Processing

Investigators may access specialized personnel to provide assistance with specimen collection and sample processing at Connector's affiliated institutions. Specimen collection may include: blood, saliva, urine, and other types of specimens. In addition, investigators may access resources to perform specialized processing for studies where the assays are run in the investigator's lab, another contract lab, or a research core. Sample collection and processing services may have associated recharge rates. For more information contact your site administrator.

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