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Boston Children’s Hospital

HC Connector at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH)/CTSU is an eight-bed unit centrally located within the main building of Boston Children’s Hospital on Pavilion 6, and is organized to support the management of children participating in clinical research. The HC Connector at BCH offers over 5,000 square feet of ambulatory/outpatient space, and is adjacent to the inpatient research space, as well as part of the CAT/CR program located in an adjoining building. The outpatient unit has four private exam rooms, three consult rooms, and one special treatment testing room, as well as a metabolic kitchen. The research nurses of the HC Connector at BCH are experienced pediatric research RNs, CPR certified, proficient with IV insertion and maintenance, and experienced with timely collection and bedside processing of blood, urine, and other body samples.

The HC Connector at BCH’s Metabolism & Nutrition Research unit has a research dietitian on staff who is experienced with developing/planning meals for research studies. The Center has its own metabolic kitchen to accommodate feeding studies and individual weighed meals. The research dietitians also perform anthropometry, bioelectric impedance analysis, indirect calorimetry, dietary analysis, air displacement plethysmography (BodPod), and nutrition education and/or counseling.

The HC Connector at BCH offers investigators the following research equipment: a Hologic Model-A Discovery Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry machine for measurement of bone density and/or body composition, a BIA for body composition evaluation, a portable ultrasound for measurement of bone density, and an Orthometrix model XCT 3000 peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) scanner to assess bone density.

In addition to the onsite processing laboratory, the HC Connector at BCH has both a processing and short-term storage laboratory (200 sq. ft) located next to and above the Children’s Hospital Clinical Laboratories.

More information is available on the BCH Clinical Research Center page

HC Connector at BCH Contacts

Erica Denhoff

Manager, Clinical Research Education and Communications – ICCTR
Administrative Director and Operations Navigator for Boston Children’s Hospital

Lise Nigrovic

Medical Research Officer

CRC Front Desk

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