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Massachusetts General Hospital

The Translational and Clinical Research Centers (TCRC) at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is a Harvard Catalyst Connector (HC Connector) site.  This combined inpatient/outpatient unit occupies ~9,700 sq. ft. on the 12th and 13th floors of the White building on the main MGH campus. The unit can accommodate up to 20 beds and includes 2 private exam rooms, 4 outpatient infusion chairs, and 10 inpatient/outpatient rooms, including a negative pressure room and a room fully equipped for sleep studies with continuous EEG monitoring and blood drawing.

The TCRC has both a processing laboratory located on the main unit on White 12 and in the peripheral laboratory on Bulfinch 4 (400 sq ft). The laboratories have all of the requisite equipment for sample preparation and storage, including -30-degree freezer, -80-degree freezer, refrigerator, and 3 refrigerated centrifuges, a microcentrifuge, fume hoods, and Eppendorf pipettes.

TCRC nurses are experienced research RNs, proficient with IV insertion and maintenance, and experienced with timely collection and bedside processing of blood, urine, and other body samples.  In addition to RNs, the TCRC has a highly trained group of Nurse Practitioners who can share responsibility with the study investigators and help with consenting volunteers, performing specified medical procedures and examinations.

The Metabolism & Nutrition Research (MNR) department of the MGH TCRC is located on White 13 and is staffed by Registered Dietitians and Diet Technicians. Available services include duel-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) for measurement of bone mineral density and body composition, and metabolic cart testing for energy expenditure assessment. Assessment of nutrient analysis by single or multiday food records, and weighed/controlled meals can be prepared in the metabolic kitchen located on White 12.

HC Connector at MGH Contacts

David Nathan, MD

CRC Director
617.726.2875 Harvard Catalyst Profile

Takara Stanley, MD

Interim Associate CRC Director, Pediatrics
617-726-5312 Harvard Catalyst Profile

Lynelle Cortellini

Administrative Director

Kathryn Hall, MS, RNCS, ANP-BC

Nurse Director

Jane Hubbard, MS, RD, LDN, CBDT

Director, Metabolism & Nutrition Research

CRC Front Desk

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