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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

The Clinical Research Center (CRC) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) is a dedicated research unit located on the 8th floor of the Gryzmish Building on the East Campus of the medical center. Fully renovated in 2019, the CRC is associated with Harvard Catalyst, Harvard University’s Clinical and Translational Science Center. Support for the CRC is derived from institutional and grant funds, with chargebacks budgeted based on a project’s study activities.

The CRC provides continuous space for research activity and is available for research studies conducted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The CRC contains a four-bed sleep unit with Natus sleep recording equipment and software, ceiling-mounted video cameras, and through-the-wall blood drawing capabilities. In addition, five multi-purpose rooms may be used for overnight research testing. Within the research unit, there are also dedicated facilities for infusions, interview rooms, as well as other specialized research testing space for gait, body composition, and metabolism. The unit staff includes nurses, research medical assistants, dietitians, dietary support staff, a laboratory assistant, and a practice coordinator.

The Sample Processing Laboratory Service processes samples for analysis at various laboratories, including the investigator’s own lab if requested. Point of care testing is done under the hospital’s CLIA certification. The laboratory is an access-restricted area where all samples are tracked to maintain chain of custody. Samples are stored at room temperature or in a monitored and alarmed refrigerator, -20 C freezer, or -80 C freezer short-term. Access to long-term use of -80 C freezers is also available.

Nursing at the CRC provides comprehensive care, assessment, and teaching to research participants on the unit and throughout BIDMC as requested. Working collaboratively with the investigator, nurses develop standardized study-specific worksheets, orders, and lab processing instructions to enhance the consistency of data collection. Nurses also work in tandem with staff from other units where research is occurring to provide a high quality experience for participants and investigators.

The CRC at BIDMC also has an active Metabolism & Nutrition Research unit with expertise in body composition measurement, bone density, and metabolic testing. The CRC includes a metabolic kitchen for preparation of nutrient-controlled meals as well as study-specific testing meals. The Metabolism & Nutrition Research unit also provides state-of-the-art nutrition computing facilities with programs for nutrient analysis, semi-quantitative food frequency analysis, and design and specification of research diets. Services include DXA, anthropometric measurement, indirect calorimetry, weighed meals, diet design, nutrient analysis, nutrition counseling, and education.

In addition to the research unit, the CRC oversees a Project Management Service which includes research nurses and research coordinators available to assist investigators in conducting their projects. These individuals serve as part of the study teams and are covered by service fees and FTE support. Their roles include IRB and regulatory support, recruitment and participant retention, data management, and other study related tasks. The Project Management Service works across disciplines and are experts in the conduct of clinical research projects.

The CRC also supports a Translational Navigation Team that ensures that investigative teams are meeting project specific milestones. The team includes regulatory, budgetary, operational, and scientific experts to help investigators overcome any bottlenecks they may encounter.

More information is available on the BIDMC Clinical Research Center page.

HC Connector at BIDMC Contacts

Janet Mullington, PhD

CRC Director
617.667.0434 Harvard Catalyst Profile

Jody Dushay, MD

Associate Program Director and Medical Resource Officer

Michelle Beck, MBA

Administrative Director

Page O’Leary, MS, RDN, LDN

Nutrition Manager

CRC Front Desk

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