Providing statistical expertise for clinical & translational investigators. Biostatistics Program

Program Services

  • Biostatistics Consultation Service

    • Statistical consultations to faculty, focusing on clinical and translational research in the early stages of development.
  • Biostatistics Continuing Education

    • Seminars on current applied topics in biostatistics, available to Harvard biostatisticians and researchers interested in acquiring more sophisticated skills. This includes our monthly journal club and work in progress sessions, seminar series, symposia, and short courses.
  • Biostatistics Training

    • The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health offers a 60-credit master of science program in applied biostatistics designed to prepare students for applied research positions in hospitals and universities, research organizations, and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
  • Certificate in Applied Biostatistics

    • This 40-week course offers a comprehensive introduction to biostatistics in medical research. The course includes a review of the most common techniques in the field, as well as the manner in which these techniques are applied in standard statistical software.

Program Informational Resources

  • Biostatistical resources available in eagle-i

    • The Harvard Catalyst Biostatistical Program has teamed up with eagle-i to provide a search tool to access the resources of more than 34 institutions with just under 1,400 software resources, and thousands of other resources.

Search eagle-i:


The Harvard Catalyst Biostatistics Program supports Harvard clinical and translational investigators. Drawing on a team of highly skilled biostatisticians from the Harvard academic and hospital community, the program offers consultations on a range of topics as well as software tools to researchers as they design new studies.

The program also provides training for clinical investigators in the principles and methods of biostatistics via the Harvard Catalyst Introduction to Clinical Investigation course; and seminars, lectures, and workshops. In addition, the program promotes the intellectual and professional development of Harvard Catalyst biostatisticians.

Biostatistical resources and software from the CTSA Consortium and beyond

Consultant Henry Feldman, PhD, shares advice on data analysis planning: [PDF]