Biostatistics Education

The Harvard Catalyst Biostatistics program provides educational opportunities on current applied topics in biostatistics geared toward biostatisticians, but anyone in the Harvard Catalyst Community is welcome to join. These include short courses, monthly journal club and work in progress sessions, and symposia.

Short Courses

We organize several short courses per year, in which we invite an expert in an area of statistical methodology to teach an applied short course to the statistical community. These are intended to be directly applicable to the work of the statistician in the clinical and translational arena. The theory is explained and presented and applications are also highlighted, together with software implementations.

Journal Club/Work in Progress

This series meets monthly and leadership rotates among Harvard Catalyst statisticians. The leader selects an article on a topic of interest to Harvard Catalyst statisticians and leads discussion of the article. The meeting takes place in person, as well as through web and teleconference interfaces. This series also includes “work-in-progress” sessions, in which a statistician will present preliminary research or investigations on a technical topic of interest. The session is intended to be highly participatory with active exchange of ideas.


The Harvard Catalyst Biostatistics Program organizes an annual symposium on a topic of interest to Harvard Catalyst statisticians and others in the wider Harvard community. We have held symposia that have been organized around disease areas, with a focus on statistical methods related to the study of those diseases. We have also organized a symposium around a topic of statistical interest: p-values and hypothesis testing.

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Additional Educational Opportunities