OPTICS: Open Translational Science in Schizophrenia

This initiative of the Harvard Catalyst Translational Innovator Program, which was a follow up to the ReSourcing Big Data Symposium, enabled collaboration with the OPTICS Project. This opportunity allowed qualified investigators access to complete data from clinical trials in schizophrenia (Janssen Pharmaceuticals) and from related observational studies and trials in schizophrenia (NIH-dbGaP; NIMH-CATIE). Funding of up to $50,000 was available to support collaborative analysis of the open-source schizophrenia data sets. The goal of this opportunity was to support collaborations leading to insights about schizophrenia and:

  1. Therapeutic safety and efficacy;
  2. Disease understanding including natural history, subtypes, etiologies, etc.
  3. Statistical methods development

Three pilot grants were awarded. Funding decisions were announced in December 2015.

Sponsoring Program

Translational Innovator


Karestan Koenen, PhD | Diagnostics for Informative Censoring in Efficacy and Effectiveness Trials of Schizophrenia Therapy
Sharon-Lise Normand, PhD | Heterogeneous Causal Effects: Drug Exposure & Safety
Linda Valeri, PhD | Explaining Comparative Efficacy of Antipsychotic Medications for Treatment of Schizophrenia in Short-Term RCT and Comparative Effectiveness Trials: A Causal Mediation Approach