Laboratory assay consulting, new assay development, and subsidized research tests. HCCRC Lab Services
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Key Features
  • Personalized advising service for assay selection
  • New assay development
  • Financial support and preferential pricing
Useful for
  • Guidance on assay selection
  • Help with new assays
  • Access to high-quality assays at low cost
Available to
  • All members of the Harvard Catalyst community
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Laboratory Navigator

Laboratory Manager Patrick M. Sluss, PhD, co-director of the MGH Clinical Laboratory Research Core (MGH CLR), consults to and advises investigators on laboratory services, helping them to choose the right assays for their scientific research.

Sluss is the director of special chemistry in the Clinical Pathology Core Laboratories, co-director of the Clinical Laboratory Research Core facility, and the co-principal investigator for the Partners Biorepository for Medical Discovery (PBMD) at Massachusetts General Hospital. Sluss is an associate professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School and a member of the PBMD Executive Committee.

Sluss is available to advise all investigators on which assays to use, blood-sparing methodologies, how to process samples, and new assay development in the CLIA-certified laboratory at MGH CLR.

For questions, please contact:
Pat Sluss
MGH CLR Co-Director and HCCRC Laboratory Navigator

Preferential Pricing and Funding Support

Harvard Catalyst has negotiated preferential pricing on laboratory assays for investigators whose studies are approved through the Protocol Review System and choose to process their assays at either MGH CLR or LabCorp. The MGH CLR negotiated assays are primarily specialty and endocrine. All LabCorp assays are offered at a reduced rate.

All C/T investigators with an HCCRC-approved study protocol are eligible for ancillary laboratory assay support, regardless of whether the research is done in the clinical research centers, other in- or outpatient units at the academic healthcare centers, in other medical facilities, or in the community. The Harvard Catalyst grant is able to support the costs of routine laboratory testing on study protocols based on the annual availability of funds.

Currently, non-batched tests sent to LabCorp and MGH CLR are supported by Harvard Catalyst at $50/study visit for investigator-initiated studies where the PI is a junior faculty member and $20/study visit for investigator-initiated studies where the PI is a senior investigator.

To access these ancillary support funds, investigators must have an approved protocol and choose to process their assays at the laboratory indicated per the laboratory support flow chart below:
(download PDF version)

Overview of Lab Services

Laboratory services offered through the HCCRC include:

  • MGH Clinical Laboratory Research Core (MGH CLR)
  • LabCorp

MGH Clinical Laboratory Research Core (MGH CLR): Specialty and New Assays

MGH CLR offers high quality cost-efficient clinical pathology services using modern, accurate, and precise methods with a flexible reporting capability, while helping to ensure regulatory and billing compliance. Results from the CLIA-certified laboratory are available for routine tests within 48 hours or less from sample pickup; please contact MGH CLR for turnaround on specific assays. The laboratory also performs batched analysis of research samples. Consolidated research testing processes include specimen receipt, reporting, and specimen archiving.

MGH CLR addresses the unique needs of individual investigators by offering custom services including:

  • Online specimen tracking and result reporting
  • Validation and performance of new custom research assays that are not available from established clinical laboratories
  • Professional consultation on specimen handling and storage, budgeting, and reporting

HCCRC-supported MGH CLR Assays [XLS]

To learn more, please visit the MGH CLR website.

For questions, please email Pat Sluss, MGH CLR Co-Director and HCCRC Laboratory Navigator.

LabCorp: Routine Testing

LabCorp offers centralized laboratory analysis of a wide array of routine analytes in real time. Results are available within 24 hours from sample pickup. If results are needed sooner to allow the research to proceed, the investigator may use their hospital lab for analysis. Please note that tests that need to be billed to insurer can only be sent to the local hospital lab.

For questions regarding LabCorp routine assays, please contact your site administrator.

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