Access the resources of five Harvard Catalyst clinical research centers. Harvard Catalyst Clinical Research Center (HCCRC)

Program Services

  • HCCRC Protocol Review

    • Apply for access to the resources of five Harvard Catalyst clinical research centers.
  • HCCRC Lab Services

    • Provides assay advising services, financial support, and preferential pricing on routine and specialty assays.

Program Informational Resources

  • HCCRC Sites

    • Provides a comparison table of offerings at the five HCCRC sites, as well as details and contact information for each site:
      • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
      • Boston Children's Hospital
      • Brigham and Women's Hospital
      • Massachusetts General Hospital
      • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Research Nursing

    • Provides information for investigators on the services research nurses provide and recommended practices and professional resources for research nurses.
  • Metabolism & Nutrition Research

    • Supports investigator research by providing nutrition expertise and metabolic research services.
  • Medical Research Officer (MRO)

    • Provides guidance for study planning to investigators and clinical oversight for research protocols.
  • Clinical Investigator Recommended Tools

    • A list of web tools and resources compiled with the help of clinical investigators, for clinical investigators.

The Harvard Catalyst Clinical Research Center (HCCRC) provides state-of-the-art clinical research facilities and expertise to faculty who conduct human studies.

The HCCRC offers:

  • Dedicated research space
    • In-patient and out-patient facilities dedicated to the conduct of clinical research
  • Specialized research equipment
    • State-of-the-art equipment for physiological monitoring and research testing
  • Experienced patient care research staff
    • Nurses, nurse practitioners and technicians to perform research procedures and precise research measurements
    • Expertise in standard and investigational drug delivery and clinical monitoring
  • Controlled environment test areas
    • For specialized studies such as sleep and neurologic testing
  • Metabolism & Nutrition Research
    • Skilled research dietitians, metabolic kitchen resources, body composition assessments, analysis of food intake, and other endocrine/metabolic techniques and research equipment
  • Laboratory Services
    • Specimen processing; assay research analytes in patient specimens
    • Assistance with/payment of routine laboratory testing at centralized contract laboratory
  • Research assistance where the research encounter occurs
    • Research nurses, research dietitians, and study coordinators who travel to clinical sites within the hospital such as ED, ICUs, Cardiology, Radiology, specialized units such as BMT, etc.

2014 HCCRC Batch Sample Analysis & Assay Validation RFA Awardees