Grants for clinical and translational research projects. Pilot Funding
At a glance
Key Features
  • Pilot funds to support clinical and/or translational research that has the potential to impact human health.
Useful for
  • Researchers who need pilot funds to initiate clinical and/or translational research.
Available to
  • The Harvard Catalyst community, but see current opportunities for eligibility requirements.
Current Opportunities
  • Please check back for future opportunities.

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Harvard Catalyst is a pan-University collaborative effort committed to harnessing the human, technological, and fiscal resources of Harvard and its Academic Healthcare Centers (AHCs) to reduce the burden of human illness. To foster cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary collaboration, Harvard Catalyst offers seed funds in the form of Pilot Grants and Prizes.

Harvard Catalyst offers Pilot Grant opportunities on varied topics throughout the year. Lists of previously funded projects are available below:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Health Disparities 2017

Advanced Microscopic and Nanoscale Technologies 2016

OPTICS: Open Translational Science in Schizophrenia 2015

Human Oral Microbiome 2015

Stress and Health Disparities 2015

Child Mental Health 2015

Early Clinical Data Support for Grant Submissions 2015

Target Inhibition and Silencing 2014

Advanced Microscopy 2014

Childhood Obesity Pilot Grants 2013

Childhood Obesity Pilot Grants 2012

SHRINE Pilot Grants 2012

Cancer Disparities Pilot Grants 2012

SHRINE Prizes 2012

Advanced Imaging Pilot Grants and Prizes 2012

Child Health Pilot Grants 2012

Biomedical Collaborative Pilot Grants 2010 - 2

Biomedical Collaborative Pilot Grants 2010 - 1

Biomedical Collaborative Pilot Grants 2009

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