Shared Health Research Information Network (SHRINE) Prize Opportunity

The Harvard Catalyst Biomedical Informatics Program sponsored this prize opportunity to encourage and support the use of the Shared Health Research Information Network (SHRINE). Applicants were required to perform and then describe a set of innovative SHRINE queries that illuminated interesting population-level phenomena or that set the stage for subsequent large-scale clinical experiments based on SHRINE query results. Winners of these prizes were eligible to later apply for $50,000 one-year research grants to support efforts to secure patient-level data based on SHRINE results.

This funding opportunity, which awarded nineteen $2,500 prizes, was open to any faculty member holding a Harvard Medical School faculty appointment at one of the SHRINE participating hospitals.

Funding decisions for the SHRINE Prizes were announced in June 2012.

Sponsoring Program

Biomedical Informatics 


Zolt Arany, MD, PhD | Identifying Risk Factors for Peripartum Cardiomyopathy
Ednan Bajwa, MD, MPH | Utilizing SHRINE and CRIMSON to Study Diagnostic Biomarkers in Respiratory Failure
Christopher Cassa, PhD | Understanding Genetic Variation in Rare Diseases Using Epidemiological Data from SHRINE
Christopher Fischer, MD | Bicycle-related Injuries in Boston: Linking Bicycle Environments, Emergency Medical Services, and Emergency Department Clinical Outcomes
Aditi Hazra, PhD | Recurrence of Breast Carcinoma in situ
Robin Joyce, MD, M. Div | Using SHRINE to Discover Whether Serious Complications Associated with Multiple Myeloma Decreased After Implementation of Universal Health Care in Massachusetts
Elizabeth Loder, MD, MPH | Serotonin Syndrome with Combined use of SSRI/SNRI Antidepressants and Triptans
Keith Marill, MD | Long QT Syndrome and Cardiac Restitution: Predicting Sudden Cardiac Death
Rebecca Miksad, MD, MPH | Changing Incidence, Demographic and Risk Factor Patterns for Colorectal Cancer Under Age 50
Danny Milner, MD | Pro-inflammatory vs. Anti-inflammatory Human Physiology: The Cancer/Atherosclerosis Balance
Lindsay Oberman, PhD | Autism and Alzheimer’s
Roy Perlis, MD | Autism and In-utero Exposure to Antidepressants
aniel Solomon, MD, MPH | Fractures in Patients with HIV Infection
Mary Beth Son, MD | Identifying Risk Factors in Children and Adults for the Development of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Lisa Topor, MD | Characterizing the Rise in Precocious Puberty 2001-2009
Sarah Walker, PhD | Novel Transcription Factor Inhibitors Improve Cancer Risk and Outcomes in Clinical Practice
Erin Wamsley, PhD | Co-Morbidity of Psychiatric Conditions and Sleep Disorders
Adam Wright, PhD | Completeness of Diabetes Diagnoses at Multiple Institutions
Ona Wu, PhD | Predicting Clinical Outcome in Comatose Cardiac Arrest Patients