Christine Sieberg is faculty for Harvard Catalyst’s Postgraduate Education. An alumni of the Grant Review and Support Program (GRASP), she has served as a work plan mentor for the program since 2019. She is an attending psychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, where she also serves as director of the Biobehavioral Pain Innovations Lab and co-director of the Pain and Affective Neuroscience Center. She is also an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School (HMS). Sieberg has built a research foundation in the biobehavioral aspects and the treatment and assessment of chronic pain. Her grant-funded research has recently focused on chronic post-surgical pain and endometriosis-associated pain. She has received funding from the NIH, Department of Defense, Innovative Medicines Initiative, and several foundations. She is currently the principal investigator of an R35 MIRA Award from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Sieberg is committed to service and mentoring. In addition to serving as the assistant director for the Harvard Catalyst course Career Catalyst, she is a faculty member for the Grant Review and Support Program and is a member of the HMS/Harvard School of Dental Medicine IRB. She previously served as a member of the HMS Faculty Council and as faculty co-chair of the Salary & Resource Equity Committee for the Joint Commission on the Status of Women at HMS.