Course Dates:

Course Dates:

This course runs twice per year in the spring and fall. For details on the next iteration of this course, please visit the overview page.

Course Website

Course Website

When registered for the course, you will be provided a personalized username and password that allows you to sign-in.


Course Director:

Ilsa Webeck, MBA | Managing Director & Founder, Med Tech Strategies, LLC


Module One: Pitch and Executive Summary Development

Participants will learn the components of an elevator pitch, initial investor pitch deck, and executive summaries.


Live Online Session – February 28, 2023 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Design professionals demonstrate ways to communicate the science and opportunity of your device through the effective use of branding, visuals, and web and social media best practices.


Module Two: Waterfall Model

Learn about each step of the waterfall model to understand the product evidence required to show the efficacy and effectiveness that may lead to clinical success.


Module Three: Problem/Solution Board and Unique Value Proposition

Participants will learn effective ways to state the problem and solution their medical device addresses, and how to develop a unique value proposition.


  • Shinikequa White, MBA, Director of Strategic Planning and Governance at Smith+Nephew
  • Elliott Antman, MD, Physician at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Professor at Harvard Medical School, & Director of Postgraduate Education at Harvard Catalyst
  • Seward Rutkove, MD, Chairman of the Department of Neurology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Module Four: Intellectual Property Protection

Through lectures and interviews, experts in intellectual property law discuss the importance and dynamics of IP protection.


Module Five: Market Landscape

Integrate relevant information about the target market, commercial landscape, and regulatory considerations in planning business strategy.


Module Six: Customers and Collaborators

Learn the skills needed to build a customer persona and how to identify potential collaborators to bring your device from concept to commercial success.


  • Ronda Taylor, BA, President of Kalis Taylor Marketing, Inc.
  • Ross Zafonte, DO, President of Spaulding Rehabilitation Network and Senior Vice President Of Medical Affairs, Research, & Education
  • Lea LaFerla, BS, Vice President of Marketing Services and Business Development at Scorr Marketing

Module Seven: Financial Considerations

Recognize techniques for technology valuation and potential sources of funding.


In-person Session

Apply the knowledge learned in the online modules using mock scenarios and collaborative activities. Connect with med tech professionals in academia and in industry during the topic networking lunch. Eight participants will earn the opportunity to pitch your device to win prizes valued at over $15,000.


Participant Expectations

Participants can expect to complete up to three hours per week of online coursework- including watching videos and completing assignments.

Participants are required to attend the three-day in-person sessions.

This course does not offer CME credit.

Completing the Course

Each participant is eligible for a verified certificate of achievement and digital credentials upon completion of the course. Eligibility is contingent upon attendance, participation, and completing the end of course survey.

Completion of the course includes the following:

  • Watching all videos for the course
  • Participating in group discussions and live in-person session activities
  • Completing the post-course survey