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Offering Description Duration Deadline
Effectively Communicating Research Intensive course designed to provide researchers with the skills necessary to express their science clearly to diverse audiences Duration: 2 days Deadline: 9/1/2022 (Closed)
Gene Co-expression and Gene Regulatory Networks Hands-on experience in the analysis of gene co-expression networks and gene regulatory networks Duration: 1 day Deadline: 2/24/2017 (Closed)
Leadership Strategies for the Researcher Course focusing on best practices in leading and managing a team Duration: 1 day Deadline: 3/30/2023
Maximizing Mentee-Mentor Relationships: Empowering the Mentee Course helping emerging c/t investigators navigate the complexities of the mentoring dynamic from the mentee perspective Duration: 2 days Deadline: 2/27/2020 (Closed)
Using Metabolomics Data in Network Medicine Course focusing on metabolomics data and the analytical challenges this type of data presents Duration: 1 day Deadline: 9/10/2018 (Closed)
Models of Disease (MoD) Boot Camp Course for clinical fellows starting basic/translational postdoctoral research Duration: 3 weeks Deadline: 5/20/2022 (Closed)
Introduction to Network Medicine Course on network science in biology and medicine Duration: 3 days Deadline: 8/26/2019 (Closed)