We all are impacted by, and reap the benefits of, medical research discoveries. From over-the-counter drugs, to healthcare policies and educational interventions, many of these advancements are a result of incredible feats, decades of work, and sometimes serendipitous events. Join us as we sit down with Harvard researchers to discuss these captivating behind-the-scenes stories of research.

January 24, 2024

Genomics and Healthcare

What role can genomics play in improving healthcare? Jason Vassy, MD, MPH, MS, of Veterans Affairs (VA) Boston Healthcare System and Brigham and Women’s Hospital shares his research on how patient DNA might be used to improve healthcare and prevent disease.

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Jason Vassy, MD, MPH, MS, is an associate ​​professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, a clinician-investigator at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Boston Healthcare System and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and a founding member of Precision Population Health at Ariadne Labs. He is a practicing primary care internist and researcher whose work is focused on the implementation and evaluation of genomic medicine interventions. Vassy earned his MD degree from Washington University School of Medicine before completing an internal medicine residency at the University of Pennsylvania and a Harvard General Internal Medicine Research Fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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