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Request single or consolidated IRB review for a multi-site study. SMART IRB Reliance Request

A new solution for IRB reliance

At a glance
Key Features
  • Request that one IRB review proposed multisite studies on behalf of all involved institutions
  • Request single IRB review when adding new site(s) to existing protocols
Useful for
  • Reducing the complexity of the IRB review process for multisite research
Available to

Learn more about the SMART IRB Online Reliance System.

Note: The Harvard Catalyst IRB Cede Review Request system (in operation from January 2010 - September 2017) has been decommissioned. Harvard Catalyst now supports SMART IRB, a national platform to enable IRB reliance and advance collaborative research across the nation. Please contact your SMART IRB Point of Contact to discuss using SMART IRB for your studies.