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Three-week course for clinical fellows starting basic/translational postdoctoral research. Models of Disease (MoD) Boot Camp
At a glance
Opportunity for
  • Scientific dialog, topical updates, career planning, faculty networking, and community building for clinical trainees beginning their basic/translational postdoctoral research fellowships.
  • Current Harvard teaching hospital-based clinical trainees with substantive prior basic/translational research experience who plan to continue basic or translational projects in their postdoctoral research fellowships in 2020.
Time commitment
  • 3 weeks
Funding level
  • Tuition-free
Session dates
  • July 6-24, 2020
Application due
  • 5:00pm on June 19, 2020
The application process is closed.

Before starting their basic/translational research fellowships, clinical fellows and residents have the opportunity to participate in the MoD Boot Camp. This popular three-week course is offered annually, and consists of a variety of group activities that include interactive lectures presented by leading faculty on their recent discoveries, reviews of topical updates in biomedical science by leaders in academia, and panel discussions on topics ranging from academic-industry interactions to strategies for translation to team science. Fellows enrolled in the course have the opportunity to lead discussions on key papers, participate in a mock study section, attend sessions with department chairs to discuss job-negotiating strategies, and take part in career workshops with senior research fellows and junior faculty. Graduates of previous camps have uniformly shared enthusiastic reviews about their experiences.

In addition to the five course sessions per week (8:30am-1:00pm), afternoons and evenings are spent in the labs of research mentors, providing an opportunity to advance research studies, or in lab-based workshops participating in hands-on projects ranging from live cell imaging to bioinformatics. Upon completion of MoD Boot Camp, graduates are invited to participate in periodic mini-symposia with fellow trainees and faculty.

Successful MoD applicants will have had substantive prior basic research experience and plan to continue basic or translational projects in their research fellowship. Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted. Space is limited, and once the course is filled with qualified applicants, enrollment will be closed. Interested students are advised to submit their applications as soon as possible. The deadline for applications is May 8, 2020, but we anticipate that the course will be filled well before then.

Over the years, Models of Disease Boot Camp students have come to our class from all of the major Harvard-affiliated teaching hospitals and from many different clinical subspecialty training programs. Graduates of the Boot Camp have gone on to faculty positions at Harvard and across the country. If you would like a list of Models of Disease Boot Camp graduates in your field or at your institution, please contact Francie Sullivan for additional information.