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A multi-year program for K grant awardees seeking independent research funding. Grant Review and Support Program
At a glance
Opportunity for
  • Career development for grant-funded junior investigators to improve their chances of obtaining independent research funding with the use of project management tools and long-term grant-writing guidance
  • Investigators in the first year of a 4- or 5-year NIH K grant (such as a K23, K08, K07, K01, or K25) or equivalent career development award from a grant-funding organization (such as the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, or U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs)
Time commitment
  • Participate in a three-part orientation workshop, held virtually due to COVID-19, and complete accompanying pre-work.
  • Attend a live 1.5 day grant-writing module when in-person learning becomes available.
  • Submit monthly online work plans through the duration of their K grants.
Session dates
  • October 1, 8, and 15, 2020: 9am-12pm
Application due
  • 5:00pm on August 20, 2020
  • All applicants will be notified of their status via email no later than August 27, 2020.

The Grant Review and Support Program (GRASP) is a multi-year program that guides junior investigators who have already obtained a career development award to understand the rules of engagement and the grant writing process, gain new skills, and to ultimately write competitive grant applications to achieve research independence. GRASP will begin with a virtual orientation workshop that will welcome participants into the program, review program tools and longitudinal support, discuss tips on how to effectively communicate research, and provide an overview of the NIH grant review process. Once in-person programming becomes available, participants will then attend a live session on how to diversify their funding portfolios and an in-depth training on R01-specific grant-writing techniques. Throughout the duration of their career development award, participants will receive ongoing grant preparation support and guidance from the GRASP team. Armed with the knowledge and tools provided by GRASP, participants will be better prepared to establish independent research careers, funded by a variety of different grants.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Accepted applicants of GRASP must commit to the following:
    • Participate in the complete 3-part virtual orientation workshop. Dates and times are as follows:
      • October 1, 2020: 9:00am-12:00pm
      • October 8, 2020: 9:00am-12:00pm
      • October 15, 2020: 9:00am-12:00pm
      This orientation will welcome participants into the program, review program tools and longitudinal support, discuss tips on how to effectively communicate research and provide an overview of the NIH grant review process. Please note that participants will be required to complete assignments prior to the workshop.
    • When in-person learning becomes available, participants will be required to attend a one-and-a-half-day presentation on R01-specific grant-writing techniques and tips for acquiring non-NIH funding.
      • Note: Prior to participating in this in-person session, participants will be required to purchase an NIH grant writing workbook.
    • Use the Elements of Grant Writing tools and resources, throughout the duration of their career development grant.
      All participants will learn how to customize and use program work plans. Following the orientation workshop, they must submit monthly online work plans to their scientific mentor(s) and the GRASP team.
    • Participate in additional modules, including specific aims drafts critiques.
  2. All applicants must receive an endorsement from their primary mentor that the applicant will participate in this long-term program.
  3. All applicants must be within the first support year of their 4- or 5-year NIH K grant or equivalent at the time of the GRASP workshop.

Program Goals:

  • Understand the rules of engagement in successful grant-writing.
  • Understand the difference between federal, industry, foundation, and philanthropic funding.
  • Understand how to locate funding opportunities and foster relationships with different funding agencies.
  • Understand how to write and assemble a competitive grant application, specifically NIH K/R grants.

Please note: Harvard Catalyst Education Program's policy requires full attendance and the completion of all activity surveys to be eligible for CME credit; no partial credit is allowed.

The Harvard Catalyst Education Program is accredited by the Massachusetts Medical Society to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Course Materials

For course materials, please visit Harvard Catalyst Desire2Learn. You will only be able to access this system if you have received a confirmation letter for this course. Questions?

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Navigate the grant application process using the Elements of Grant Writing.

Citing GRASP Support

When citing GRASP in your K grant, make sure to use the correct language.