Study Design Considerations: Recruitment

How do I develop recruitment materials that optimize participant recruitment?


Best Practices for Recruitment Flyers

This resource from the University of Florida Clinical Translational Science Center (CTSI) provides tips on how to create a successful recruitment flyer to optimize study enrollment. Downloadable templates available.

Health Literacy in Clinical Research – Recruitment

Best practices for recruitment in clinical trial studies developed by the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center.

Recruitment Guidelines for Equity in Research

Best practices for successful recruitment of diverse populations developed by members of the Community Coalition for Equity in Research.

Recruitment of Underrepresented Study Populations

A webinar and Q&A from University of California San Francisco that offers strategies to improve enrollment of underrepresented communities including tips on connecting with communities for recruitment.

Tips & Tricks for Increasing Recruitment

Guidebook developed by the Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute for improving recruitment through connecting with community partners (p.9-11) and addressing common recruitment challenges (p.18-21).