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Workshop: IMPACT Collaboratory – January 24-25

January 24 – January 25, 2024

Workshop: IMPACT Collaboratory

The IMPACT Collaboratory will hold its fourth annual virtual training workshop on building skills to conduct embedded pragmatic clinical trials (ePCTs) among people living with dementia (PLWD) and their care partners. This  virtual workshop features all new material to build a foundation in practical aspects of designing and conducting ePCTs in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and AD-related dementias (ADRD). The workshop will include a combination of activities including, panel discussions, small group sessions, and networking opportunities with experts in the field.

We are inviting applications from early to mid-stage researchers who seek to develop competence in designing and conducting ePCTs of non-pharmacological interventions embedded in health care systems for PLWD and care partners.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:
• Transmit knowledge about designing and conducting ePCTs among PLWD and care partners in healthcare systems that integrates considerations related to estimating sample size requirements and establishing and sustaining key partnerships
• Problem-solve common challenges in designing and conducting ePCTs for PLWD and care partners
• Apply the acquired knowledge to move their current and future research in ePCTs forward, including applying for competitive funding

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