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Course: Using Metabolomics Data in Network Medicine

Deadline: Monday, September 10, 2018
Harvard Catalyst

Course: Using Metabolomics Data in Network Medicine- 09/10/2018

Session Dates: October 29, 2018
Application Deadline: September 10, 2018

This one-day module will focus on metabolomics data and the analytical challenges this type of data presents. There will be a combination of lectures that introduce analytic techniques and hands-on workshops where participants will have the opportunity to apply these techniques to analyze metabolomics data.

Topics will include general metabolomics data analysis, pathway analysis, dynamic systems, and integrative approaches with other omics data. The goals of this module are to: learn what makes metabolomics different from other types of omics, understand strategies for applying metabolomics data in network medicine, learn common metabolomics data analyses and techniques, and understand how metabolomics data can be applied in population-based, basic, and methodological research.

Eligibility: MD, PhD, or equivalent, graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees (as space permits). Module Participant Requirements: moderate or extensive understanding of statistics, network methods, and R programming, past participation in Harvard Catalyst’s Introduction to Network Medicine course, or willingness to watch selected recorded lectures from the three-day course prior to taking this module.

Time commitment: one day.

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