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Online course: Funding Your Research: Industry

Deadline: Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Online Course

Online Course: Funding Your Research: Industry – Apply by 2/13/2019

Session Dates: March 6-May 8, 2019

Application Deadline: February 13, 2019

Introductory online course with a focus on acquiring industry funding that highlights and differentiates between investigator-initiated research (IIR) and industry-sponsored research (ISR) initiatives, networking, mentorship, and communication. Participants will receive tips on how to engage with industry and succeed in obtaining funding to further research endeavors.

MD, PhD, DMD, ScD, DNP, or degrees equivalent to doctorate or master’s, or involvement in a grant-writing team.

Time commitment:
2-3 hours per week over 9 weeks

Participants outside of Harvard can take this course, upon acceptance, for a fee.

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