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Online Course: Funding Your Research – Industry – July 29-September 30

Deadline: Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Online Course
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Online Course: Funding Your Research: Industry

Session Dates: July 29 – September 30
Application Deadline: July 15, 2020

Designed as an introduction to industry funding mechanisms, this online course will focus on acquiring industry funding and the unique aspects of this process. The course will specifically highlight and differentiate between investigator-initiated research (IIR) and industry-sponsored research (ISR) initiatives, networking, mentorship, and communication.


  • MD, PhD, DMD, ScD, DNP, or degree equivalent to doctorate or master’s, or involvement in a grant-writing team
  • Biomedical scientists, researchers, and MDs outside of Harvard are welcome and encouraged to apply

Time Commitment:

  • Average of two-three hours per week over nine weeks


  • Free for Harvard-affiliated institutions
  • CTSA member: $450.00
    (Note: this is a 25% discount off the standard fee.)
  • Non-CTSA member: $600.00

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