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Online course: Funding Your Research: Industry – April 1-June 10

Deadline: Monday, March 23, 2020
Funding Your Research: Industry course graphic with dates and Harvard Catalyst logo

Online Course: Funding Your Research: Industry

Session Dates: April 1 – June 10, 2020
Application Deadline: March 23, 2020

Introductory online course with a focus on acquiring industry funding that highlights and differentiates between investigator-initiated research (IIR) and industry-sponsored research (ISR) initiatives, networking, mentorship, and communication. Participants will receive tips on how to engage with industry and succeed in obtaining funding to further research endeavors.


  • MD, PhD, DMD, ScD, DNP, or degrees equivalent to doctorate or master’s, or involvement in a grant-writing team.
  • Biomedical scientists, researchers, and MDs outside of Harvard are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Time commitment:

  • Online course work/assignments require average of two-three hours per week over nine weeks.


  • Free for Harvard-affiliated institutions
  • CTSA member: $450.00
    (Note: this is a 25% discount off the standard fee.)
  • Non-CTSA member: $600.00


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