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Funding: Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Fellowship in Dementia – July 1

Deadline Monday, July 1, 2024

Funding: Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Fellowship in Dementia

The goal of this non-degree program is to introduce exceptionally-qualified individuals to the successes and demands of a clinical career in the dementias and related neurodegenerative diseases. Awardees of the fellowship are expected to develop an expertise in translational and/ or basic research, enhance their clinical proficiencies in managing complex neurologic cases typically seen in tertiary care settings, and demonstrate competency in teaching and communicating with medical students and consumers alike.

Fellows will deliver care to patients of the Massachusetts General Hospital Memory Disorders Unit (MDU) on one half-day per week under the mentorship of a senior MDU clinician. These mentored clinical encounters will be supplemented by similar exposures to patients of the Mass General Frontotemporal Disorders Unit and the Mass General Lewy Body Dementia Clinic; engagement in weekly case and consensus conferences at Mass General and related clinics (e.g., Brigham and Women’s Behavioral Neurology Clinic); participation in departmental Grand Rounds; and encounters with patients treated in the inpatient units.

The fellowship will also include a research component that will complement the advanced clinical training aspects of the program. Fellows will have the opportunity to develop and craft an independent research project in collaboration with an identified mentor, who will meet with them on a regular basis. They may also undertake leadership roles in an ongoing research project and collaborate across disciplines or sub-specialties. Fellows will be expected to adhere to strict research ethics and to present ongoing research findings at local, national, or international conferences.

Application deadline is July 1, 2024.

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