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Degree program: Master of Bioethics – April 15

Deadline: Friday, April 15, 2022
Boston, MA and online.

Degree program: Master of Bioethics

Advances in medical technology have created amazing improvements in health outcomes — but they have also opened the door to increasingly complex ethical questions. What’s the most compassionate way to approach end-of-life care? How can insurers and social programs increase access to care, and when do they go awry? When is it acceptable to manipulate a person’s genes? Finding a satisfying solution to these seemingly unanswerable questions takes specialized skills.

Harvard Medical School’s Master of Bioethics degree program—one-year, full-time; two-year, part-time; and two-year, part-time online—provides students with rigorous academic grounding in bioethical issues related to clinical practice and research, as well as health law and policy. Students can customize the program to their specific interests by selecting from a wide range of elective courses.

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