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Conference: Precision Psychiatry, Innovation to Implementation – September 26-27

September 26 – September 27, 2024

Conference: Precision Psychiatry, Innovation to Implementation

The Center for Precision Psychiatry hosts an annual conference every autumn. This conference, hosted by the center, the Mass General Department of Psychiatry, and the Psychiatry Academy, has already begun to become a leading venue for showcasing advances in the application of precision medicine approaches to psychiatric research and clinical practice. So far, the conference has drawn an average of 1,000 registrants and has featured outstanding speakers.

The conference is designed to cover a broad range of domains including:

  • Applications of AI and machine learning in psychiatry
  • Genomics and other “-omics”
  • Precision therapeutics
  • Risk stratification for suicide and other important outcomes
  • mHealth and digital technologies
  • Implementation science
  • Ethics and equity

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