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Harvard Catalyst

Harvard Catalyst is devoted to advancing human health by supporting and innovating clinical and translational science, and training the next generation of researchers.

As Harvard University’s Clinical and Translational Science Center, we serve the research community by offering courses and educational programs, research consulting, tools for study design and clinical trial collaboration, guidance on regulatory issues, and pilot funding for novel, high-impact projects – all available to trainees, fellows, and faculty.

News & Highlights

NIH Toughens Enforcement of Delayed Clinical Trials Reporting Agency says it has brought more than 200 tardy investigators into compliance since July 2022.
Clinical Trials, In the News
Applying Portable Genomics to Unravel Intraocular Infections Five Questions with Paulo Bispo on his quest to elucidate leading causes of blindness.
Five Questions, Funding, Pilot Funding
To Boost Cancer Immunotherapy’s Fighting Power, Look to the Gut Study reveals gut microbes alter body’s response to cancer immunotherapy.
In the News
Can Metabolic Reprogramming Starve Thyroid Tumors? Five Questions with Athanasios Bikas on his training with Harvard Catalyst's Clinical/Translational Research Academy.
Clinical & Translational Research, Education & Training, Five Questions
Scientists Regenerate Hair Cells that Enable Hearing Researchers move closer to gene therapy solution for hearing loss.
Funding, Genetics, In the News
Discovering Parallels in Healthcare Access Across Continents Five Questions with Hamed Khachan on his unusual path to public health.
Five Questions, Public Health