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Harvard Catalyst

Harvard Catalyst is devoted to advancing human health by supporting and innovating clinical and translational science, and training the next generation of researchers.

As Harvard University’s Clinical and Translational Science Center, we serve the research community by offering courses and educational programs, research consulting, tools for study design and clinical trial collaboration, guidance on regulatory issues, and pilot funding for novel, high-impact projects – all available to trainees, fellows, and faculty.

News & Highlights

Beyond Buzzwords: Community Engagement Demystified Five Questions with HMS Grad Laboni Hoque on learning through practice.
Community Engagement, Five Questions
Providing Ethical Guidance when Translating Science into Technology Collaborative ethics model aims to ensure safety and benefit for everyone.
In the News, Technology
How Does Diet Impact Heart Health? Five Questions with Romit Bhattacharya on preventing cardiac disease.
Education & Training, Five Questions
Making Sense of Interoception How we perceive what’s happening inside our bodies and what that means for our health.
In the News
When Patient Care Sets Research Course Five Questions with physician-scientist Srinivas Viswanathan on bridging clinic to lab.
Education & Training, Five Questions
Disentangling Complex Medical Outcomes Five Questions with biostatistician Linda Valeri on the value of pilot funding eight years later.
Five Questions, Pilot Funding