COVID-19 Research Resources
A curated list of research resources around guidelines, policies, and procedures related to COVID-19, drawn from Harvard University, affiliated academic healthcare centers, and government funding agencies

Opportunities for training and funding in C/T research Training Programs/Fellowships
Title Description Audience Duration Time Commitment Support Application Deadline
Biostatistics Training An HSPH master of science program in applied biostatistics Bachelor's degree in one of the mathematical sciences or an allied field 17 months 60 credits N/A Closed
Career Catalyst A program that matches junior investigators with senior faculty who serve as developmental mentors Graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty seeking guidance on overall career development
Applicants may or may not have a scientific project mentor or principal investigator
Ten months Two one-hour meetings per month, plus opening, mid-year, and closing events September 2020 - June 2021 July 10, 2020
Clinical and Translational (C/T) Research Academy Advanced training program that offers a pathway to conducting independent research MD, DMD, PhD
Must be a fellow in a Harvard-based training program and working with a Harvard-based mentor, and must have two full years of salary support and 75% protected time available at the time of admission to the program
Two years Participation in a full-time four-week summer program, a weekly longitudinal seminar, elective courses, mentor-based research, and an extensive array of Harvard Catalyst-funded resources N/A Closed
Faculty Development and Diversity Inclusion (PFDD) Faculty Fellowship A two-year, non-degree Faculty Fellowship Program for Harvard junior faculty designed to address faculty need for additional support to conduct clinical and/or translational research and to free junior faculty from clinical and teaching demands at a key point in their career development. Doctoral degree (e.g. MD, PhD, DO, DMD, DDS). Harvard appointment at the level of instructor or assistant professor. Applications will also be considered from clinical or research fellows who are in the process of appointment/promotion to instructor and/or assistant professor at Harvard. U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Residency. Two years Faculty Fellows are required to devote appropriate time toward the development of their academic career, to meet regularly with their mentors, and to present at the annual Minority Health Policy Meeting. $100,000 over a two-year period Closed
Grant Review and Support Program (GRASP) A multi-year program for K grant awardees seeking independent research funding Investigators in the first year of a 4- or 5-year NIH K grant (such as a K23, K08, K07, K01, or K25) or equivalent career development award from a grant-funding organization (such as the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, or U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs) Five years or the duration of an individual's K grant Participation in a three-day orientation and grant writing workshop, monthly work plan submissions, and quarterly specific aims review sessions N/A August 20, 2020
KL2/Catalyst Medical Research Investigator Training A mentored research & education program for junior faculty and senior fellows Research or health-professional doctoral degree
Junior faculty within the first three years of appointment or senior fellowship appointment at a Harvard Catalyst-affiliated institution
2 years Must be able to commit 75% of professional effort to the program except for surgeons, who may be eligible to commit as little as 50% time 50-75% of salary May 1, 2020
Leder Human Biology & Translational Medicine An enrichment program for PhD students on the fundamentals of human biology & disease Enrollment in a Harvard Integrated Life Sciences (HILS) doctoral program 1.5 years 1.5 years (in the context of a Harvard PhD program) N/A Closed