Semantic Search

Looking for something? Semantic Search is not your typical website search.

Who benefits?

  • Users of the Harvard Catalyst website

What is it?

  • A powerful search engine that puts your results in context and suggests alternatives

Why use it?

  • Reveal the content of Harvard Catalyst's tools & databases
  • Aggregate information you need about people, publications, facilities, etc.
Screenshot of the Search

Harvard Catalyst's search engine taps the power of biomedical vocabularies and semantic technologies to reach into the website's tools and pages and extract the information you need.

Search Terms

Type your query into the search box at the top of every page on the Harvard Catalyst site. While you're typing, Search recognizes whether you've typed a biomedical topic or concept (based on the National Library of Medicine's MeSH subject vocabulary, synonyms for commonly-used topics, and the facility names in the Harvard Catalyst Core Facilities database) while you're typing, and suggests relevant search terms automatically.

Once you click the magnifying glass icon, Search runs your query against the website's tools and pages (e.g., Harvard Catalyst Profiles and Core Facilities).

Atlas list view screenshot

Search Results

On the results page, Search first provides a definition of the topic or concept that matches your query, should there be one. From here you can also carry out a text-only search for the specific phrase you typed rather than the automatically matched topic or concept.

Once presented with your search results, click on the tabs to see those results in the context of people, publications, facilities, or clinical trials. You can also click the details tag for any result to see more information before you click.

Atlas detail view screenshot

Topic Navigator

Do you want to broaden or narrow your search? Through the Topic Navigator, Search suggests topics that, according to the MeSH vocabulary, are broader, narrower, or related to your original query. Under See Also, Search also suggests topics, people, and core facilities that may be of interest to you based on your search.

You can also click one of the links under External Search to run your search on PubMed, Google, or the catalog of the Countway Library of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Atlas map view screenshot

You can run a search by clicking on the search box in the top right corner of every page on the Harvard Catalyst website.

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