Education & Training Overview Matrix

Looking for Training? Find the right educational opportunities for you.

Who benefits?

Fellows, clinical investigators, and junior faculty seeking clinical and translational educational opportunities

What is it?

An "at a glance" matrix about:

  • Continuing education courses
  • Masters degrees
  • Training and fellowship programs

Why use it?

  • Easily identify training opportunities to match your interest, need, and translational activity (T1-T4)
  • Quickly compare offerings in an easy-to-read, concise format
  • Plan your training path in clinical and translational science

Explore Career Options

A fellow thinks that clinical and translational research might be a viable career, but wants more information about the field in general. With a quick scan of the matrix, he will see that the Introduction to Clinical Investigation course provides an overview of the T1- T4 research spectrum and is offered multiple times per year.

Identify Courses

A PhD clinical investigator wants to advance her knowledge in various areas of clinical and translational research beyond the introductory level. She accesses the Advanced Curriculum Compendium database to search for relevant courses offered at Harvard affiliates.

Find Funded Fellowships

A senior fellow wants to pursue mentored research with financial support. The funding level column points him to the KL2 Mentored Research Investigator Training Program.

Locate Degree Programs

An MD is searching for a two-year post-graduate training program in clinical investigation that leads to a Master of Medical Sciences degree from Harvard Medical School. By scanning the opportunities column, she sees that the Scholars in Clinical Science Program could meet her needs.

Access Education 24/7

A junior faculty member beginning clinical research thinks that the T1 domain, or first-in-human studies, might be his career choice. He notices that he can access videos from the two-week Intensive Training in Translational Medicine experience that just concluded.

You can access the Education & Training Overview Matrix from Overview in the Education & Training menu on the Harvard Catalyst website.

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