Streamline your Research: A user-friendly platform that helps uncover hidden biomedical resources.

Who benefits?

  • Biomedical researchers of any level, from any institution

What is it?

  • eagle-i is a free, web-based application that helps you find and share biomedical resources at Harvard and other institutions around the country.

Why use it?

  • Search over 100,000 resources
  • Advertise your lab's services and accomplishments
  • Focus grant applications, time and effort where they'll do the most good
  • Increase reproducibility and give credit for sharing

Cutting-edge biomedical research requires access to a variety of tools and resources. Many of these resources are available for sharing and reuse, but largely invisible to researchers across the country or even across the hall. The eagle-i platform makes it easy to discover valuable resources throughout Harvard and other participating universities and biorepositories, allowing investigators to reduce waste and save both time and money.

eagle-i is currently the primary source of core facility information for thousands of researchers at Harvard. If you run a research lab within the Harvard community, please contribute to open science by sharing information about your resources through eagle-i. Resources collected in eagle-i include:

Search for resources

Go to eagle-i.net to search the entire network or limit to collections from select institutions [1]. Use the Quick Filters to find popular resource types [2] or browse the full list of resources below [3]. Once you select a resource, you can contact the provider using a form on the site and get a unique ID to use with citations [4].

eagle-i also has the largest collection of information about available induced pluripotent stem cell lines in the world. The iPS Cell Search is a powerful tool built for cell line discovery that queries the same resource information as eagle-i's main search, but gives you greater control to add filters and save your results.

Share resources

Instead of letting your lab resources sit on a shelf after a project heads in a new direction, put them to good use through eagle-i. Another researcher may find them invaluable. You retain full control over the terms and conditions of sharing that resource.

Contact the Harvard eagle-i team to add or update information about your resources.

Utilize an open-source platform

eagle-i data is open access; anyone, regardless of affiliation, is welcome to search for resources, or to download the linked open data. Developers and administrators at any skill level are welcome to participate, follow the project, or just download code. For details and documentation, open-source community information, and training materials, see the open source project site.

Join the Network

Other institutions are welcome to install the eagle-i software and participate in the growing network. For more information, visit the eagle-i website or email us.

You can access eagle-i from their website.

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