Core Facilities

Resources You Need: From sequencing to imaging to samples and more.

Who benefits?

Investigators seeking access to services & technologies.

What is it?

A tool revealing the breadth of core facilities available at Harvard Catalyst's partner institutions.

Why use it?

  • Easily locate cores across Harvard affiliated institutions.
  • Find the core that best meets your needs.
In its Core Facilities tool, Harvard Catalyst has compiled an extensive database of facilities maintained by many of our partner institutions. These cores provide cost effective access to a diverse array of services and technologies, from bioinformatics to peptide synthesis, DNA sequencing to RNAi screening, and medical imaging to transgenic modeling. Core Facilities helps you find the core you need in order to conduct your research.

Browse Options

Core Facilities gives you the flexibility to browse cores in two ways:

  • By category
    (letting you see all cores related to a given topic across institutions)
  • By institution
    (revealing the full complement of cores at each institution)
Core Facilities browse options screenshot

Search Options

Core Facilities has its own internal search tool that is especially helpful if you are looking for a particular kind of core but are not sure which category to look under. Also, the Harvard Catalyst website’s overall search engine lets you see the core facilities in the larger context of other content on the website, such as people working in related fields or articles on related topics.

Core Facilities search options screenshot

Detail View

Each core’s listing in Core Facilities provides detailed information, including services provided, technologies or equipment available, contact information, and guidance on how to get started using that core’s resources.

If you see an entry that needs to be updated, you can click the “Request update” link found at the bottom of each core’s page.

Core Facilities detailed view screenshot

You can access Core Facilities from the Research Resources menu on the Harvard Catalyst website.

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