Find Your Way: Directions, cafeterias, research offices, jobs, and more at Harvard Catalyst's partners.

Who benefits?

  • Newcomers
  • Visitors
  • People using new resources at an institution

What is it?

  • At-a-glance information about Harvard Catalyst's partners
Looking for the Harvard Medical School shuttle schedule? Need driving directions to Massachusetts General Hospital? How about MBTA directions and a map to the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, or cafeteria and dining information for BIDMC? Harvard Catalyst's Atlas tool provides access to all of this and more.

List View

Atlas brings information - directions, parking, maps, directories, etc. - available on the websites of Harvard Catalyst's partner institutions and presents it all in one place. In doing so, it gives you the information you need to visit new collaborators or laboratories you have identified using other tools like Profiles and Core Facilities.

Atlas list view screenshot

Detail View

Atlas also provides direct links to research administration offices and other, more general information like news, employment, and calendars when available.

Atlas detail view screenshot

Map View

Atlas also links to Google Maps views of all of the institutions involved in Harvard Catalyst, either as a group or individually.

Atlas map view screenshot

You can access Atlas from the Research Resources menu on the Harvard Catalyst website.

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