Request single or consolidated IRB review for a multi-site study. IRB Cede Review Request
IRB Cede Review image

    The Harvard Catalyst IRB Cede Review Request system
    has been decommissioned

    What this means for institutions, study staff, and investigators:

    There was a phased shutdown of this system that supports IRB reliance under the Harvard Catalyst Master IRB Reliance Agreement. This was a permanent shutdown of the IRB Cede Review Request System.

    Monday, July 31
    Last day for investigators or study staff to START a new request
    Tuesday, August 15
    Last day for investigators or study staff to SUBMIT a request
    Friday, September 29
    Last day for institutions to ISSUE RELIANCE DETERMINATIONS

    For questions about the decommission process, please contact us.

    A new solution for IRB reliance

    Harvard Catalyst is now supporting SMART IRB, a national platform to enable IRB reliance and advance collaborative research across the nation.

    Investigators and study staff may start using SMART IRB’s Online Reliance System to request IRB reliance arrangements for their studies.

    Get Started

    Please contact your SMART IRB Point of Contact to discuss using SMART IRB for your studies.