Search de-identified data from clinic visits at several Harvard-affiliated hospitals. SHRINE

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
Partners HealthCare

Eligibility and Registration

Instructor of above: Harvard Medical School faculty members appointed at or above the level of Instructor and employed by MGH are eligible to use SHRINE.

Fellows: Harvard Medical School Fellows employed by MGH are eligible to use SHRINE under the sponsorship of a responsible faculty member who initiates a query.

The first step is to register, a process by which MGH will verify your employment and faculty status. Click Access SHRINE to the right to register.

New to SHRINE?

See Getting Started for information about the specific steps faculty and fellows must each take in the process of using SHRINE.

MGH Contact

For more information, please email the Partners SHRINE support team.

You must be within the MGH firewall to access SHRINE.

SHRINE National Pilot

A pilot implementation of SHRINE as a demonstration of the feasibility of a national research network.

Watch Videos

Of leading experts discussing SHRINE at the 2013 conference.